I love you

Can I say I love you
When our hearts infuse
Can I say I love you
When my eyes refuse
To look away
I become lost in yours
As night to day
You bring that rising joy
That floats on a angelic chorus
Can I say I love you
Each time we kiss
Can I say I love you
When not a second passes I dont miss
That muffled giggle
As you hide in my arms
Memorizing each time we snuggle
Hoping you always feel safe
That I can rescue you from harm
Can I say I love you
Without it being too soon
Can I say I love you
For fate has made me swoon
Unable to stand without you
The passion that rages
Through our fingertips renews
My strength, my reason
Never to fade by the ages
As I say…
… I love you each day


as a leaf

There’s a heart lost upon
The winds of life.
Floating er’where with
Each passing day.
Never settling nor to linger
In the scent of strife.
As is destined to never
Become more than a stray.
For if home is where
The heart is.
Then this welcome matt
To be found is the hardest.
But when our eyes rested
Upon eachother,
So did this nomad heart
In this land of love.
Beating with each word spoken
In hope of forever.
That this Angel may stay to
This heart lost to the winds
Of never.

your the past

Would you dip your heart in a vat of venom?
Thats how you leave mine with your eords, offended?
Naw. Thats to put mildly whatd stewing,
Brewing then burning. Raising the heat till the mind is churning.
Melting all reason,
Infusing it with hate.
How do you surface that side of me?
Like a chalky residue upon my slate.
Your nothing but a blurr of a past mistake.

One kiss

Could I win you on one kiss
Or lose you saying this
If I said you were my all
Would you catch me as I fall
In love is what I mean
But deeper is what I dream

nothings what it seems
All filled with dreams
With one kiss
Its hard to catch my breath
It may even cause my death
The question is,
Will you catch me when I fall?
Would you be willing to risk it all
For just one kiss

I would risk the sun
To be what you won
Kiss upon beauty sleeping
Is that holds my breath dreaming
But would reality shake the world
We used to make
Bound by words here
Continues to sear

Without the sun we would not exsist
All would be darkness
And your face I would miss
Your love grows as the world falls apart
My hand is here for you to hold
Dont mind what you’ve been told
One kiss is worth the end of the world

Then I send my love
Upon the rays of sunrise
Let it set only upon your eyes
Synchronize your heart beat
Till the day our lips meet

Racing the clock

I lose sleep
Cuz my convictions run deep
Cutting my shackles
Just to keep my feet
Im running full blown
With my truth not showin
Till outgrown my debt that showin
My baggaged countn against me
To chain my dreams and sink me
Striving to be free aint easy
The life of a felon
Livin for a day worth telln
Make up for time stolen
So judge me not
That my past may be forgot
Before my potential die in rott

Can you take it away?

Can you take it away
All of this pain
From choices made
Can you take it away
All of the shame
That comes with my name?

Ive lived to feel alive
Until it all took a dive
As i became dead inside
Racing to see it all
Blind to the edge an i fall
Further an further from it all
As an apple far from the tree
Forever alone am i to be
Since all i touch im poisening
Ive used up my second chances
Became the floor where fate and destiny dance
Hoping for one to spare a glance
At my soul, my potential unused
Hidden by a heart scarred an abused
By good times missused

Can you take it away
All of this pain
From choices made
Can ou take it away
All of the shame
That comes with my name?

You hold all my hope, my dreams,
My heart an all in between
Yu would be the best for me
But at what cost
To you as for i am lost
To wander the land of Nod
I just wanted you to know
Before i continue on alone
My love for you will never subside even as i go

Culdnt take it away
All this pain
My choice is made
Culdnt take it away
All of this shame
Burrying my name…

Separated by glass

I feel like the closest we can be
Is now, as ou read me
Upon the computer screen
A love that will never die
Nor one that we could try
For as we both live under
The same blue sky
The more i realize how vast
The distance is as
These clouds darken my way
With the shadows they cast
So i write to you as of a lovers hands
Taking you to paradise and enrapturing
Your steps like beach sand
That you may hear my heart whisper
In each crashing wave drawing nearer
An as the sun sets so does my love prove
Its’ promise of one more day
I have left to say i love you
So place your hand upon these words
As i places them into this world
To create the mountain top
That i may proclaim my love
To all until my heartbeat stops
As a computer screen turned off
These words may not always show
But the meaning you will always know